Why Do Dogs Turn In Circles Prior To Lying Down?

dog asleep on dog bedYou will have seen your dog turn in circles before lying down. Often round and round in ever decreasing circles before eventually settling into a comfy position. Sometimes they scratch and dig too. Just occasionally they plonk themselves down.

A dog turning in slow tight circles prior to settling down is exhibiting totally natural behaviour. It is ancient instinct, born of wild origins.

Years ago, on the hunting plains, circling would make a temporary nest or den by flattening rough long grasss. Probably scaring off insects and any little animals in the process. Scratching in order to remove small stones, flatten lumps and create a small dip. Dogs would then curl up in the indent, lying down on the flattened grass. Tight circling orientates the body into a compact curled position - and being curled up in a low hollow lined with grass gives warmth and security.

Understanding the behaviour of dogs tells us what they like and what they require. By closely observing the sleeping habits of dogs we worked out how to make comfy supportive dog beds that meet the needs of dogs and give a good night's sleep.

After settling down, dogs likely start their snooze curled up, before stretching out as they fully relax. An oval shaped dog bed with low bolster and comfy central cushion allows dogs not only to circle and circle as they settle down, and then curl up cosily, but also to stretch right out as they enter deep sleep. Always with their spine, back, neck and head supported, whether lying on their front, side or back.

Alongside a comfy and supportive dog bed structure, our removable dog bed covers are made from a variety of upholstery grade fabrics thick enough to take scratching and digging. Plus these covers are all natural fabrics, helping give a great night's sleep - or afternoon nap.


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