There's no doubt stripes suit a  Lab - but smart stripes with a regimental vibe or something more subtle?

To help determine which striped dog collar works best, we've pulled together some pics of Gus - a black lab - wearing his stripes. Some collars come with a matching lead.

A smart casual rasta regimental vibe:

striped dog collar and lead for a Lab

Our unique slot-and-lock fastening, stronger and more secure than the traditional single prong buckle:

striped dog collar

Bright blue and yellow stripes:

blue striped dog collar

Made with marine grade stainless steel - strong, lightweight and corrosion proof:

striped dog collar

We take a linear approach to designing dog collars. Craftsmanship and the best materials mean these dog collars are not just comfy - they also last. They are specially designed to perform in all condition, we use a fabric webbing with a strengthened core and marine grade steel metalwork. Everything is treble stitched into place, making them super safe, super sturdy dog collars.