The Making of Shake Your Hindquarters

filming shake your hindquartersWe were lucky to have some talented people create a fun advert for Hindquarters.

Alex and Linda, creative duo from Saatchi & Saatchi, teamed up with video director Tom Beard and other skills from Partizan to create a short film where dogs show off their dance talent. The pups wear Hindquarters as they shake their hindquarters to 'Walk the Dog' a new single by Geranimo & Mikey a new project from Felix of Basement Jaxx and artist Mikey Woodbridge.

The video takes a pop promo style approach and points satirically to the popularity of butt shaking music videos. Now - two weeks after realease - it has been veiwed 10,000 times on Youtube.

Click here to shake you hindquarters.

Left is us on set causing chaos with a plastic pork chop (the chop didn't make the final cut).