Short Pavement Dog Leads

A short dog lead is good for keeping a large dog under close control in high traffic areas. Perfect for use in town and trips to the market, a short dog lead allows you to keep your big dog to heel when there are narrow pavements with others passing by - without getting tangled up.

These Hindquarters short rope dog leads are both sturdy and comfortable to hold. They are made from yacht rope with a soft outer that is comfy to grasp and handle. The rope itself is strong: with a strengthened nylon core and over a 1,000kg minimum breaking load.

Our specially designed clip is made from marine grade stainless steel. It is super quick and easy to clip onto a D ring, is strong and secure, has a 360 degree swivel, and doesn't come undone by itself. The clip has a 825kg minimum breaking load.

We use two traditional knots: an Angler's Loop, which doesn't come undone under pressure, to fix the clip in place. And a Figure of Eight Loop, used by climbers to attach themselves to harnesses, for the handle. Both are strong and reliable knots.

Our short dog leads are available in red and blue rope for £30 including VAT and P&P. They are approximiately 70/75cm tip to top - or about 2 or 2.5 foot long.

blue rope dog lead

red rope dog lead