Shiver me timbers, we have fathomed out the perfect components for a dog lead: yacht rope coupled with marine grade steel hardware.

It is only a short pavement walk to the park for us but there can be cat, squirrel and other hazards. So we need strong, secure dog leads. Something to anchor us to our dogs, but also comfy to hold. And something that looks shipshape. 

Our rope dog leads are made with soft but strong sailing rope and tied with reliable maritime and climbing knots: an 'angler's loop' at the clip end and a 'figure of eight loop' at the handle. Each Hindquarters dog lead comes with our specially designed clip - super safe and easy to use. Precision cut from marine grade stainless steel, so strong and sea-proof.

To finish things off, our rope dog leads have matching leather trim and are available in bright red or bold blue. And we have different widths and lengths of rope, for example, short dog leads are good for big dogs and narrow pavements with lots of traffic.

Handmade in the UK, our sailing rope dog leads are not just for coastal dwellers - they look just as smart on a country walk or city pavement:

red rope dog leadshort blue rope dog leadblue rope dog leadred rope dog leadblue rope dog lead