All dogs look good in a red collar and we've pulled toether the evidence: below are photos of all shapes and sizes wearing their Hindquarters red cotton dog collars.

Hindquarters collars are made from strong but soft-to-the-touch cotton webbing. The red makes a bold statement and the marine grade steel hardware adds a layer of sophistication. These red dog collars are adjustable for a perfect fit and available from XS to large dog collar size.

Murphy wearing a small red collar:

matching red dog collar and lead

Bella in her red cotton collar - small size - delish:

red collar for a frenchie

Scout rocking his small red collar:

red collar for terrier

Pablo in red:

small red collar for a bedlington terrier

Kheva smart in red (beside Dora in grey):

washable red dog collar

Twig being a good girl in red:

red cotton collar for a boxer

Gus in red:

red cotton collar for a lab

Big boy Wilson in his red collar:

strong red collar for a big dog

Little boy Chip in his red collar:

small red collar for a dachshund

Sid wearing his red collar - teamed with a red cotton harness - on the beach:

puggle in his red collar and harness

Does your dog like to be the centre of attention? Get them a show stopping number: make a splash with a Hindquarters red cotton dog collar. Hindquarters dog collars fasten with a slot-and-lock buckle: easy to do up and undo, and won't come undone. Made from 100% cotton webbing which is soft but strong, durable - and washable.

small red dog collar

red cotton dog collars