Pure Cotton Dog Leads

Cotton is king when it comes to dog leads. Our cotton dog leads don't just cut a dash, using a natural fibre has many practical advantages too: cotton is comfy, strong, weather proof and durable.

With a natural softness that is hard to beat, pure cotton dog leads are very comfortable to use. A thick weave means these dog leads are soft-to-the-touch and easy to hold on to. They have a supple feel with flex and 'give' so impact from jerks and pulls is absorbed, making walks comfier for your dog too.

Another advantage is that cotton is super strong: with a high tensile strength it is durable and less likely to rip or tear, and a heavy weight weave withstands regular washing. Our dog leads are sturdily constructed: the handle and clip are treble stitched in place.

The clip is made from marine grade steel - so our dog leads are even sea proof. Designed in collaboration with yacht fitters from Wales, our clips have a 825kg minimum breaking load, attach easily and quickly to a dog collar, and are super safe.

These dog leads are smart and functional: suitable for everyday use, all weathers and terrains, town and country. Even 30% stronger when wet, they are weather proof, just hang to dry when wet. Easy to maintain too: just machine wash when mucky. Suitable for both large and small dogs available in different lengths, widths and colours, including our popular orange dog lead.

Plus - mix or match with a Hindquarters cotton dog collar.

purple dog lead

blue dog lead

green cotton dog lead


cotton dog leads