Nice Sensible Corduroy Dog Beds

Geography teachers got it right: Corduroy is super comfy, washes well, wears well. It even looks great when crumpled. Smart and casual, easy and ultra cosy, cord deserves its nice sensible reputation. The secret is in the ridges. We use a chunky 8 wale cord and a heavy weight material, for a luxe dog bed. Chunky ridges (not jumbo or needle cord) give a soft and velvety feel. And makes the fabric scratch-proof and tough and hard-wearing. Sling in the wash machine on a gentle low temp cycle when necessary. Plus the ridges can help regulate heat by trapping warmth in winter and aiding air circulation on warm sunny days.

Our nice sensible cord dog beds are available in Small, Medium or Large dog bed sizes in 3 colours: red corduroy dog bed, silver grey cord dog bed or a dark moss green cord dog bed. Modelled here below:

grey dog bed

bed for dachshund

green cord dog bed

bed for dachshund

small red dog bed

comfy dog bed