It can be tricky finding quality leather dog collars for large dogs. You want the best: something fresh and smart but strong and durable. Leather gives reliability and a bright vibrant colour helps you stand out from the crowd. So why not make a big splash with a large red leather dog collar?

Hindquarters leather dog collars are handmade with thick leather to a simple uncomplicated design for a classic look. Each dog collar is hand-crafted: leather skins are chosen for flexibility and thickness, cut to size and then the metalwork is treble stitched into place.

Our specially designed buckles and D rings are made from high strength rust-proof steel. These leather dog collars don't just look smart and stylish, they are comfortable and durable too.

These days colour choice for a leather dog collar is no longer restricted to brown. These red leather dog collars are coated in a bright red and bring a colourful and vibrant note to any walk. Suitable for all terrains, rain and muddy walks - the colour will not run. Versatile too: they look as eye catching with brown fur as they do with black, and as striking in the country as they do in the town.

A glimpse of a red leather dog collar from amongst Percy's thick black fur:

red leather dog collar on black dog

Stand out from the crowd in a red leather dog collar:

red leather dog collar

Make a big splash with a large red leather dog collar:

large red leather dog collar