How To Look After Your Hindquarters Dog Bed

Our dogs don't just sleep on their dog beds. They play, jump around, surreptitiously chew things and lick marrow bones on their beds. Our dog beds take a lot of rough and tumble. So we have compiled these simple steps to keep you keep your Hindquarters dog bed in good shape:

  1. Shake out the dog bed once a day, brush and plump
  2. When you get the hoover out, give the dog bed a once over too
  3. Remove the dog bed cover when dirty - probably once a week in winter when things are muddier - and wash on a gentle cycle
  4. The inner dog bed central cushion is removable allowing easy cleaning - just hoover or wipe clean whenever you change the dog bed cover - or these elements can be machine washed if necessary
  5. Air dry the dog bed cover on the line - heavy weight natural fabrics are best air dried, on a breezy day. If necessary, tumble on low with the dog bed cover turned inside out and the velcro closed
  6. Put your clean dog bed cover on - and you're ready to roll!

Remember, we operate a free repair or replacement service on any rips or tears or chews. Any questions, please let us know.

green cord dog bed