Green is a popular choice when it comes to a dog collar. Perhaps because it is versatile: not only does it looks great with all fur colours, a green dog collar works both as a country classic and a smart urban option. Practical too with its natural camoflague ability to hide the odd mud splat.

We have pulled together some photos of a variety of dogs wearing their green cotton dog collars:

Alfie getting mucky in his green dog collar:

springer spaniel green do collar

Scout in his green dog collar:

green dog collar

Gus wears a large green cotton dog collar:

green collar for a lab

Bella wearing her green collar:

green collar for a frenchie

Murphy wearing his green dog collar:

green collar and lead

Hindquarters dog collars fasten with a simple but secure slot-and-lock buckle, plus everything is washable:

washable dog collar

Pablo in his green collar:

green dog collar for a bedlington

Hindquarters green dog collars are made from 100% cotton webbing that is soft-to-the-touch but strong, durable and washable. The metalweork is marine grade stainless steel so suitable for trips to the beach. Adjustable dog collars for a perfect fit and available in a range of sizes from XS to large dog collar size.

small green dog collar with steel metalwork

green dog collars