Dog Collars and Leads for Small Terrier Types

dog collars for terriersLooking for a dog collar and lead for a small Terrier? We understand it can be tricky finding good collar and lead combos for dogs such as Cairn Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, Border Terriers, Fox Terriers and Parsons. But we think we've cracked it:

Active inquisitive dogs need a strong durable dog collar - and a reliable dog lead. Hindquarters dog collars and leads are designed to suit busy lifestyles and last the seasons: made from thick cotton webbing with steel metalwork treble stitched into place.

The thick weave pure cotton that we use is not just strong but has give and flexibility too, with a soft touch: dog collars suitable for dogs with bounce and energy.

Suitable for humans too: not just strong, cotton dog leads are comfy to grip.

Dynamic dogs who enjoy thrills and spills require a dog collar with a good fit. Hindquarters dog collars and leads can be adjusted for a perfect fit, plus the dog collar lies flat against your dog's coat, with no flaps. The side adjuster can even be used as a quick release mechanism, if necessary.

We take a strightforward approach to life and design, and so our cotton dog collars and leads are easy: easy to use and easy to look after.

The dog collar is super easy to do up, and undo, even on wrigglers. And the dog lead clips onto the dog collar in a very quick and simple single action. The metalwork we use is marine grade stainless steel, so strong and secure, even corrosion resistant: suitable for beach visits and sea swims.

When these dog collars are mucky: simply wash in the washing machine.

Plus they look effortlessly good, as modeled by snappy dressers, Murphy and Rufus:

dog collars and lead for small dogsred and purple dog leads

dog leadsstrong dog leads

dog leads for active dogscotton dog leads and collars

cotton dog collars for terriersred dog lead