Chip - a miniature wire-haired dachshund - expertly models various Hindquarters small adjustable slot-and-lock dog collars and corresponding dog leads to demonstrate which colour combos work best:

Be noticed in a small scarlet dog collar and matching slim scarlet dog lead:

red dog collar and lead for a dachshund

Close up of slot-and-lock fastening on the small grey dog collar:

grey dog collar

A slim grey dog lead with marine grade stainless steel clip:

grey dog lead

Mix and match - slim blue dog lead with small grey dog collar:

blue dog lead

All in blue - matching small blue dog collar with slim blue dog lead:

dog collar and lead for dachshund

Classic slim black dog lead with steel hardware:

black dog lead

Mix match slim purple dog lead with small green dog collar:

purple dog lead

Ready to roll:

green dog collar for small dogs