Dog Beds: Frequently Asked Questions

denim dog bedChoosing the right dog bed is a big decision and so it is not surprising that we get asked a few questions about our dog beds. Here are some key questions and our answers:

How exactly do you make a dog bed that doesn't smell?

Three things:

  • First, the stuffing we use is virgin polyester fibres which don't hold moisture or bacteria - so the stuffing never smells
  • This stuffing is encased is a technical sportswear fabric that is both waterproof and breathable, and easy to keep clean - again avoiding smells.
  • Last, removable dog bed covers are all made from natural fabrics that are easy to maintain: hoover regularly and machine wash on a low temperature to keep clean and fresh.

Previous dog beds have disintegrated pretty quickly, how long do Hindquarters dog beds last?

Our dog beds are designed to take knocks and they will last over 10 years with a regular amount of wear and tear. We can't guarantee against determined chewers, but we share our own home and lives with multiple dogs who often play together and muck around on their dog beds - and we still use the first dog beds we made. Dogs sleep for an average of 14 hours a day and usually turn around and scratch around quite a bit - so you will likely need a replacement dog bed cover at some point. Just get in touch if you do.

How are your dog beds made?

They are made in the UK: hand sewn and hand stuffed from carefully chosen components. You can read in detail here about how Hindquarters dog beds are made.

Are you going to make a square shape or pillow dog bed at some point?

Probably not. In our experience, most dogs like to get cosy by curling up in an indentation, as they would in the wild. Or, they love to stretch right out. And we are just not sure that pillows or flat mattresses give dogs what they really require. A bolster helps them get cosy when curled up into a ball. But also supports their back, neck and head when stretched out. Perhaps pillow dog beds or mattresses are suitable for travel or occasional use or a climate different to the UK's, where there are fewer floor draughts. Our thinking is similar when it comes to square shaped or rectangle dog beds; an oval shape is the most appropriate and efficient shape for a dog to sleep on - because an oval shape mirrors and supports a dog's body shape when it is lying asleep, cushioning joints and bones, and allowing maximum comfort. Below, Chip stretches out on a small purple dog bed supported by the bolster.

bed for dachshund

Are the dog bed sizes exact and do the dog beds squash up a bit?

Yes, the sizes are pretty exact: the small dog bed size is 77cm long and 60cm wide, good for Jack Russells and similarly sized dogs. Below, Chip demonstrates the dimensions of a small denim dog bed. Our medium dog bed is 110cm long and 77cm across at the widest point and is a good size for Labradors and similar. Our large dog beds are 120cm long and 85cm across, good for big dogs. Yes, they are soft dog beds and can be squashed up a bit into a corner or alcove if necessary.

small denim dog bed

How do I look after my dog bed?

Easy: we shake or hoover our dog beds once a day and plump them up a bit. A bit like making your own bed! Once a week or so, we wash the dog bed covers. Probably once a week in winter when life is muddier - and a bit less during summertime. Whilst washing the covers we clean the inner dog bed, usually just with the hoover - but everything is machine washable if necessary.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Below: room for two in a large denim dog bed?:

large denim dog bed