Decisions, decisions: which Hindquarters dog bed is best for a small dog? Here Chip tests out various dog bed covers to help decide which is the best sleep surface for a Dachshund and others like him.

Hindquarters dog beds comprise a central cushion and low bolster covered with a loose removable cover. This form and structure allows various sleep positions: dogs can curl up cosy or stretch out fully supported. And they are practical dog beds. Dog bed covers can be easily removed when mucky, slung in the wash machine, washed at 40 and easily air dried.

Chip - below - demonstrates the range of Hindquarters corduroy dog bed covers that we make, and also the small denim dog bed.  

Chip snoozing a small red dog bed - a show stopping number for those who like to be the centre of attention:

small red cord dog bed of dachshund

Chip settling down on a small green corduroy dog bed - both a country classic and smart urban option, with natural camoflague ability to hide the odd muddy paw print:

green corduroy dog bed for dachshund

Chip asleep sideways to demonstrate the generous width of a small silver dog bed - like sleeping on a cloud, and a good colour for hiding the odd grey hair:

small grey cord dog bed for dachshund

Chip snuggling into the bolster of a small denim dog bed - a relaxed and nonchalant choice that takes the rough and tumble and fades gently with use:

small denim dog bed for dachshund

Chip stretches out on a small purple cord dog bed - for those with a touch of nobility and no decorum:

small purple dog bed

(Hindquarters small size dog beds measure 77x60cm with the central cushion 55x36cm)