Who doesn’t love a bit of denim? Maybe it is the comfy feel that appeals or perhaps the tough workwear practicality. Whichever, it is no surprise everyone has their favourite pair of denim jeans. Dogs love denim too.

Now your best friend can join the pack and have their very own denim dog bed. A tough and washable dog bed.

The denim we use for our dog beds is a heavy-weight rugged natural cotton twill, dyed indigo. Prewashed to eliminate shrinkage, it will gently fade over time. Denim is robust and durable. It positively enjoys the thrills and spills and even improves with age and a bit of wear and tear. Stylish in a relaxed and nonchalant way.

Hindquarters denim dog beds are a comfy place to hang out and snooze: designed to accommodates a dog's various sleeping positions, allowing them to curl up cosily or stretch out fully supported. Our denim dog beds have a loose removable cover made from thick indigo denim that will fade gently and soften with use. Made from 100% cotton denim: when muddy just machine wash at 40.

Available in small, medium and large dog bed sizes - a perfect way to bring a humble and faithful fabric into the home.

Relax in a denim dog bed:

durable denim dog bed

Small size denim dog bed (fabric will gently fade with use):

small denim dog bed

Comfy but durable denim dog bed: just machine wash at 40 when mucky:

washable denim dog bed

Large denim dog bed for big dogs or those who like to share:

large denim dog bed