We commissioned a top photographer to create some striking shots of some canine pals in our current collars:

Dolly : Pucker up!

schnauzer in red collar


Tash : That new postman is brave coming down the chimney. Now I can get him.

JRT wearing a yellow collar


Liquorice : December, sofa amnesty for the month?

cockapoo purple collar


Tetsuo : I'm waiting!

italian greyhound blue collar


Kyra : Who is this Rudolph anyway? And what is the big deal about his nose?

spaniel red collar


Red : For some reason the WHOLE family want to come and see where I pee on Christmas afternoon

boxer wearing green dog collar and lead


Percy : I'm totally down for some washing up if you need a hand - just leave those dirty plates over here

striped dog collar


Twig : Top of the Pops Christmas Special...and they call what I do howling!

boxer green collar


Mango : If you're giving out extra cuddles because it's Christmas, I'm in!

purple dog collar