Below we demonstrate with the help of friends how versatile blue is when it comes to choosing a dog collar. It is a colour that goes well with a black, brown or white coat - and anything in between.

Pablo wears a pale blue dog collar against his white coat:

blue collar for a bedlington terrier

Wearing blue on black is one of those fashion rules you should definitely break, as demonstrated by Gus:

lab blue collar

An adjustable dog collar for a perfect fit:

blue dog collar for a lab

Shimi all in blue:

blue collar for a puggle

Little boy in blue, Chip wears his small blue dog collar:

blue dog collar and lead combo

We make Hindquarters blue dog collars for all shapes and sizes, from XS to large dog collar size. They are adjustable dog collars, for an exact and comfy fit. We use a soft but strong and durable cotton webbing, teamed with steel metalwork. It is marine grade stainless steel so even suitable for those who like beach trips. When mucky, sling in the washing machine.