Best Collar and Lead for a French Bulldog?

Bella - a cute French Bulldog - shows us below how various differently coloured collars and lead work: 

yellow dog collar and lead for frenchie

An advantage of Hindquarters dog collars and leads is that they are made from pure cotton webbing. This means they are strong - but also soft-to-the-touch and comfy. Below, Bella wears the bright red scarlet dog collar and a matching slim scarlet dog lead

red dog collar and lead set

We also make a different coloured red dog collar with a matching red lead, a more washed out version:

red dog lead for a small dog

Cotton webbing has 'give' so both our collars and leads are more comfortable to use than synethetic fibres. Plus they can be easily washed when mucky. Bella wearing the small purple dog collar with a slim purple dog lead.

purple dog collar and lead

The look of love:

yellow collar and lead

Classic black dog collar matched with slim black dog lead:

black collar and lead

Here Bella wears the green combo: the small green dog collar is both a country classic and smart urban option with a matching slim green dog lead to complete the look:

green dog collar for a frenchie

Orange on ginger - the orange dog collar with a matching orange dog lead looks particularly smart with a ginger coat:

frenchie wearing orange

Below, Bella wears the small purple dog collar with matching purple dog lead. The metalwork is made from marine grade stainless steel so these dog collars are even suitable for those who like to visit the beach:

purple dog collar and lead

Lemon yellow dog collar - enough to brighten even the dullest day:

yellow collar for frenchie