9 Reasons Our Dog Beds Are Amazing

We believe we've designed and built the ultimate dog bed: here is why we reckon Hindquarters dog beds tick all boxes:

  1. An oval shape echoes a dog's various natural sleeping positions: allowing your dog to shift around and get comfortable
  2. The low bolster provides good support when fully extended - and acts as a barrier from floor draughts
  3. The comfy cushion gives a sound night's sleep
  4. Hypoallergenic stuffing doesn't hold moisture or bacteria and so keeps things fresh and odourless
  5. Stuffing fibres have a high crimp level, meaning they maintain their bounce for longer
  6. Easy odour and hair control - just wipe, hoover or machine wash when necessary
  7. Inner dog bed is even waterproof: good for rainy days, damp dogs and any little accidents
  8. Removable washable dog bed covers easy to look after: just sling in the washing machine when mucky
  9. Dog bed covers are made from soft but strong natural fabrics: hard-wearing, scratch-proof, durable - and cosy, for a comfortable snooze

Chip sleeping sideways on a small silver cord dog bed:

dachshund in a dog bed

Tank snoozing, chin supported by the bolster, on a red cord dog bed:

red dog bed

Chip settling down on the soft cotton corduroy of the small green cord dog bed:

small dog bed for dachshund