One big plus about working from home is you can surround yourself with sleeping dogs: it's comforting to watch them settle down on their beds and fall into a deep contented snooze. Leaving you to get on with things.

Ours sleep an average of 15 hours a day: after a morning run and breakfast they sleep on-and-off from about 9 until 4 each day, and nd then settle down again in the evening, after another walk and dinner. They do get up: at lunchtime for a stretch and a couple of sardines, and if the door bell rings. They also shift around and change position during their sleep, here are the 4 most popular sleeping positions we've spotted: 

Crouching Tiger = lying to the front, ready to spring into action if the door bell rings:

blue corduroy dog bed

a smaller more alert version of the Crouching Tiger:

dog bed

The Ball = after turning around in circles and settling down, our dogs often start their sleep curled into a ball for warmth and security, with legs drawn in:

silver cord dog bed

 a cuter version of The Ball:

dog asleep

The Slab: a deep and relaxed sleep, flat on the side with legs straight out:

comfy red cord dog bed

a smaller version of The Slab - with paws tucked in:

red cord dog bed

Spread Eagle: a deep sleep on the back with legs akimbo:

dog spread eagled

and a small Spread Eagle:

dachshund spread eagled

There is no denying it: dogs spend a lot of time in bed - and they deserve a comfy place to rest their head. Hindquarters dog beds - oval in shape with a low bolster - accommodate a dog's various sleeping positions, allowing them to curl up comfortably into a ball or stretch right out supported. Sweet dreams!