3 Ingredients For A Comfy Dog Bed

Everyone loves a comfy bed. Dogs too love their own special place to settle down. When it comes to choosing a good bed for your dog, their comfort and well-being will be paramount, but practicality and durability will be important too: will this dog bed last? is it tough enough? is this dog bed easy to maintain?

Here at Hindquarters we believe there are 3 key ingredients to a comfy dog bed:

  1. Shape: The dog bed form and structure should allow your dog to comfortably adopt a variety of different sleeping positions. Our dogs like to pad and scratch around and turn around in circles before they lie down. Unless totally shattered, they shift around in their sleep: sometimes curled up into a ball: sometimes stretching right out, paws in the air. To ensure maximum comfort, we make our dog beds oval-shaped with a low bolster. An oval shaped dog bed echoes the shape of a dog when it is lying down and the curve of the surrounding bolster supports their back and neck. The bolster acts as both a comfy head rest and draught excluder.
  2. Softness: Next ingredient for a comfy dog bed is softness. To create a soft long-lasting cushion we use virgin polyester to stuff our dog beds. This stuffing has a high crimp level and so maintains its bounce for longer. Also these fibres don't hold moisture or bacteria - so avoid smells. The stuffing is hand stuffed into a technical sports fabric - tough, waterproof and breathable - making a structured but soft cushioned dog bed.
  3. Freshness: Third ingredient to a comfy dog bed is how clean and fresh it is. Our dog beds come with a removable washable dog bed cover made from a variety of soft but strong natural fabrics. These covers all take the hoover well and can be machine washed on a low temp gentle cycle. In fact, everything is machine washable.

Hindquarters dog beds are hand stuffed and sewn in the UK. See here for more details on how our dog beds are made.

Park your hindquarters on a red cord dog bed:

red cord dog bed