pewter dog bowlFew things are nicer than seeing and hearing a thirsty dog lap up cool fresh water: head down, tongue right in, water everywhere.

Watching dogs drink we almost feel refreshed ourselves.

In our home, we leave a couple of large water bowls permanently down on the floor. We wanted dog bowls that would stay put and stand proud in the corner of the kitchen. So we started to make pewter dog bowls.

Pewter is a metal that oozes character. It is a heavy metal and it stays where it should. It is also a soft metal that takes the knocks and develops a patina over time. One of those things that improves with age.

A low volcano shaped dog bowl sits solidly on the floor. These pewter dog bowls are handcrafted using traditional methods: a plate of pewter is spun on a spinning lathe and hand tooled into shape using a mould and plently of skill. Our dog bowls are spun up in Sheffiled, the traditional home of pewter, and hallmarked as such.

Hindquarters pewter dog bowls are lead free, food and water safe, and available in small, medium and large dog bowl sizes. Wash in warm soapy water.

pewterdog bowls