We found the single prong buckles on traditional collars fiddly and unreliable. So we went back to basics and designed a collar that ticks all boxes - safe, strong and durable, adjustable for a perfect fit, comfy, and easy to use and look after.

Here are answers to questions we are asked about Hindquarters dog collars:

How do Hindquarters dog collars fasten?

Very simply:

Hindquarters dog collar

They're quick and easy to put on: hold the larger piece of metalwork and manoeuvre the smaller piece through. The smaller piece of metalwork slots through the larger piece, and then locks in place with tension.

How do you adjust the size? Straightforward: a side buckle on the dog collar can be easily adjusted until you achieve an exact fit.

How did you come up with the idea? We wanted to design a dog collar that ticks all boxes: we have energetic dogs who play together, bounce around, run through bushes, swim, you name it. They spend varied lives both pounding city pavements and the occasional weekend in a country pub. And so we wanted dog collars that would 1) work well in different situations and scenarios 2) be easy to look after and withstand wear-and-tear and 3) provide reliable long-service. Something that would tick all boxes: comfy and safe for the dogs, easy for us. And easy on the eye.

What was the focus when designing these dog collars? Critical was that dogs remain safe, comfortable and supported. That's why we use thick weave cotton webbing with flexibility and 'give. Marine grade steel hardware which treble stitched into place helps make them durable dog collars. The design had to be functional and practical, easy to use and easy to clean. Lastly, we wanted something easy on the eye: smart casual with a clean distinctive look.

What are the dog collars made from? We use 100% cotton webbing that is woven to be strong but also has flexibility and some 'give'. And specially commissioned steel metalwork. In terms of construction, everything is treble stitched into place, making them super sturdy dog collars. The steel we use for the metalwork is marine grade and so corrosion resistant and sea-proof.

Where are they made? The hardware is made in Wales by a company that manufacture fittings for yachts and small boats, hence the marine grade steel. And everything is sewn together in London and Leicestershire, UK.

What are the dimensions? The Small dog collars are 2.5cm wide and fit necks between 25 to 40cm: good for for Jack Russells, Westies, Border Terriers, small Cockapoos, mini Schnauzers, Poodles and Dashshunds. The medium and large dog collars are 3cm wide and fit necks that measure between 35 and 50cm, and 42 and 66cm. They are good dog collars for active dogs including Labradors, Springer Spaniels, Cockers, Dalmatians, Weimaraner, Staffies, Frenchies, Corgis - and big dogs.

I can't see exactly what I want? Please get in touch: each colour is produced in small batches and particular sizes of dog collar may not be available, but we will see what we can do.

Is the dog tag engraved for free? Yes. The engraving we do is freestyle by hand without a stencil - if you would like something engraved on your dog tag just let us know.

Some Hindquarters adjustable cotton dog collars in action:

Small grey dog collar with slot-and-lock fastening:

small grey dog collar

Gus wears a blue cotton dog collar with matching lead:

blue cotton dog collar and lead

Twig wears the green cotton dog collar:

green cotton dog collar

Chip wears a small black dog collar with steel D ring:

black dog lead