Each Hindquarters dog lead is made with our signature clip - constructed from marine grade stainless steel so strong and reliable, lightweight and durable.

We partnered with a small company who manufacture yacht fittings, and with their knowledge about safe and sturdy fittings and our experience managing multiple dogs, we designed a clever clip to use for Hindquarters dog leads.

This is what we bore in mind during the design and manufacturing process:

Easy: We like things to be quick and easy, particularly when cold and wet outside. So we wanted something uncomplicated, a clip that attaches to a dog's collar in a straightforward way: our dog leads have been designed to secure onto a dog collar in a single simple action, by pushing the bar onto the D ring. Then a tension spring keeps the dog lead safely secured, until you actively release it by pressing the bar down with your thumb.

Non-twist: A 360 degree swivel helps make sure things don't get twisted. We use a round eye swivel for our rope dog leads, and a flat eye swivel for our cotton dog leads.

Safety: Dog leads need to be strong and sturdy: if your dog sees a cat or squirrel and suddenly pulls you do not want any part of your dog lead to break or snap. The minimum breaking load for a Hindquarters dog lead clip is 825kg -  which means our metalwork will bear weight up to this amount. We also put a snag tooth into the design of the dog lead hook - which helps hold the lead in place and helps avoid accidental release. And the yacht rope that we use for our rope dog leads has at least a 1,100 kg minimum breaking load.

Durability: Our dog lead clips are made from marine grade stainless steel which has greater resistance to corrosion than regular steel. This means you can swim in the sea without worrying: after, just rinse or machine wash on a gentle cycle.

Easy to look after: When muddy, just machine wash these dog collars on a gentle cycle and hang to dry.

Easy on the eye: As we all know, it is important to look smart on the pavement and in the park!

red dog collar and lead