Unable to find really good beds for the dogs, we put on our thinking caps on and designed what we now consider the ultimate dog bed. We wanted to make a dog bed that ticks all boxes:

  • Maximum comfort. A soft semi-structured dog bed with the right kind of stuffing gives the right support. And soft natural fabrics ensure a cosy sleep surface. Thus providing maximum comfort for your dog.
  • Minimum hassle. We wanted a dog bed that was easy to keep clean, fresh and healthy. Loose removable covers are simple to keep clean: just machine wash at 40. We hoover daily and wash our dog beds covers once a week perhaps, less over summer when things are less muddy. The inner cushions are washable too - in case of any accidents.
  • Long-lasting and durable. We use good quality fabrics and materials and closely oversee UK production.
  • Easy on the eye.

Dogs love their own spot to settle down and chill. Our dogs sleep a lot and we wanted our dog beds to accommodate all a dog's various sleeping positions.

We like things to be minimum fuss and so wanted a practical dog bed - easy to keep clean and fresh and tough enough to withstand a bit of rough and tumble.

After researching different materials and road-testing a few prototypes we made our first proper dog bed. An oval shaped dog bed with low bolster allows a dog to either curl up cosily or stretch right out upside down, dependant on their mood. We have evolved and upgraded elements since then and now use virgin polyester fibres for the stuffing: it has unparallelled cushioning and insulation properties and the fibres stay clean and fresh, and retain their bounce over time.

These are the key features involved in the construction of Hindquarters dog beds: 

  • Removable washable dog bed cover: Our loose covers are made from densely woven natural fabrics that are soft and strong. Just machine wash at 40. A lengthways split along the base of the dog bed cover is fixed with velcro (no zips, buttons or other hazards) allows easy removal and replacement, a bit like changing a duvet cover.
  • Hard-wearing inner dog bed: A technical sportswear fabric is used to make the casing of the inner dog bed. It is a thin and soft but tough scratch-proof material which is both waterproof and breathable - just wipe clean. The inner dog bed comprises two elements: a central cushion and a surrounding bolster which can be seperated, making the dog bed easy to vacuum or machine wash - if ever necessary.
  • Dog bed stuffing: Hindquarters dog beds are hand stuffed with virgin polyester fibres with a high crimp level. They create a soft cushion that retains its shape and bounce for longer. Crucially, these fibres don't hold moisture or bacteria and are hypoallergenic. So they don't smell, keeping things fresh, happy and healthy. The stuffing in the central cushion is held in place with two pin stitches to avoid it shifting around and clumping up.
  • Dog bed shape and structure: an oval shape with a low bolster accomodates all types of sleeping positions and offers comfortable support, as well as protection from draughts. Dogs can curl up in a ball or comfortably stretch right out - or any position in between.

All Hindquarters dog beds are lovingly handmade in the UK and appreciated by pups across the world. Sleep on it, lounge on it, dream on it.

Mrs C - 'Believe me, the dogs have the comfiest beds in this house! But seriously, these dog beds are amazing. After having big dogs for years and never nailing it we finally have with the scrumptious Hindquarters dog bed.'

Chip alseep sideways on a small silver cord dog bed:

small grey dog bed for dachshund

Percy lounging on a soft but tough dog bed with a silver corduroy removable cover:

silver dog bed

The base - with a velcro split - which allows easy removal/replacement of the dog bed cover:

hindquarters dog bed base

The inner dog bed is comprised of two elements - a central cushion and a bolster - made from a waterproof and scratch proof material that is also breathable. The central inner dog bed cushion can be removed, aiding hoovering and cleaning. Both elements can be machine washed if necessary:

waterproof dog bed

Twig puts the green cord dog bed into action:

green cord dog bed

A small size green cord dog bed we use a thick corduroy that has a soft luxe feel:

small green dog bed for dachshund