We're often asked: How do you make dog beds that don't smell? Here we explain how Hindquarters dog beds are constructed to be easy to look after and not smell.

When working out the construction of our dog beds we wanted to tick every box. Not only did we want the dogs to be comfy and supported, we also wanted their beds to be very easy to look after, durable and long-lasting. Plus we wanted to be able to keep things as clean, fresh and healthy as possible. And smell free.

Keen to minimise dog hair and muddy paws prints we pretty quickly we decided a removable washable dog bed cover was essential. A single loose cover can be easily removed, slung in the washing machine and washed on a quick cycle. Natural fabrics were essential too: the comfiest materials to lounge and sleep on, they are also straightforward to clean and keep fresh.

We wanted the inner dog bed to be no-smell too so we use virgin polyester to stuff our dog beds. This stuffing remains odourless because the fibre strands don't hold moisture, and so the bacteria that usually create smells are unable to establish themselves. This stuffing is encased in a lightweight scratch-proof material which is usually used for sportswear. As well as being tough and hardy this fabric is waterproof and breathable: meaning any spills are repelled and easily managed and any odour issues are eliminated. Plus the whole inner dog bed is machine washable: the central cushion and surrounding bolster come apart making even the task of machine washing even a large dog bed pretty straightforward.

Mrs P: "We absolutely love your dog beds - as do the lads - and they are excellent when it comes to cleaning and changing the covers."

Chip getting comfy on his small dog bed:

dachshund on a small green dog bed

Twig enjoying a snooze on a green cord dog bed (just sling cover in the wash machine at 40 when mucky)

green cord dog bed

Percy snoozing on a denim dog bed:

denim dog bed cover