The Dogs

Pups outnumber people in our household and we have a lot of fun sharing our home and lives with Percy, Red, Twig, Tank and Timber.

You will have seen them in photos and larking about on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Here we delve a bit deeper:

Percy was first on the scene. A collie/lab cross, he is the smart one. Keen and eager, a good kisser, he keeps one ear open for the door bell, greeting couriers and deliveries to Hindquarters HQ with a friendly hello. Likes lettuce leaves and tennis balls a lot:

silver dog bed

Red is nearly 9 - an older statesman with legs like a super model and a real gent. He loves water, little dogs and is in charge of squirrel spotting. He sniffs everything and is a slow coach:

boxer dog in tan leather dog collar

Twig is the only female in the household. And she is the boss. Had 9 pups and is proud mum to Tank and Timber (below). Likes to be served tangerine segments, and is in charge of most things, including dog bed testing:

green cord dog bed

Tank and Timber - aka the twins - on their first birthday:

two boxer dogs

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