How To Make Your Own Dog Food

Once a week we visit local markets and shops to pick up food for the dogs. Sardines and vegetables come from Brixton markets and the meat is from Jones & Son on Dulwich Road. Foodwise, our dogs get a marrow bone and a couple of sardines for breakfast, boiled chicken breast for treats, and a main early evening meal. For their main meal, we add pureed chicken carcasse to an orangic mince base (usually lamb), add a third blended mixed seasonal veg (plenty of leafy greens like kale plus carrots, courgettes, peas, etc.) and add aloe vera plus a teaspoon of coconut oil - and serve!

The dogs always enjoy a trip out and about, meeting people and smelling things. Here is how we make our own dog food:

Off to market:

brixton market

The friendly fish lady:

brixton market fish counter

Amazing smells:

brixton market smells

Buying veg, the boring bit:


Which way now?

dogs on street corner

The Butcher:

a butcher shop

Trotting home:

walking the dogs

Nearly home:

walking the dogs

Pureed chicken carcasse:

pureed chicken carcasse

Putting in tupperware to last the week:

make your own dog food

Chopping veg for the mixer:

chopping veg

Hurry up:

hungry dogs