9 things dogs have taught us

We spend a lot of time hanging out with our dogs at home and in the park. A lot of time watching them, talking about them, talking to them.

So we thought we'd put our observations to good use and compile a list of things our dogs have taught us over the years:

1. Start each day with a downward dog. A good stretch works wonders.

downward dog

2. Drink lots of water. Jump straight in without another thought whenever the opportunity presents itself. Water is lovely. Lap it up.

dogs playing in water

3. Live in the moment. Never pass up an opportunity for play or adventure, each day is special and full of amazing potential.

dogs running

4. Love makes the world go round. Find time each day for a little cuddle.

dogs spooning

5. Greet those you come across enthusiastically. Be open and authentic, drop those inhibitions.

flying dog

6. Charming persistence pays off. Use a magic mix of determination sprinkled with charm.

charming persistence

7. Sleep loads. In fact, as much as you can. Little naps are good for you.

dog asleep in red dog bed

8. Your first whiff of something is usually unmistaken. Trust your intuition.

9. Shake your Hindquarters. Get out, get down and enjoy.

shake your hindquarters

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