Slim Blue Rope Dog Lead loading
  • rope dog lead with steel clasp
  • spring snap hook on rope dog lead
  • Slim Blue Rope Dog Lead

Slim Blue Rope Dog Lead

  • a strong and sturdy blue rope dog lead
  • made from chew-proof 8mm diameter sailing rope with a strengthened core and soft cotton exterior for a comfy hold
  • knotted with secure traditional knots: an Angler's Loop at the clip end and a Figure of Eight Loop at the handle (used by climbers)
  • rope ends trimmed with leather
  • swivel snap clasp made from marine grade stainless steel and designed to attach simply and quickly to a dog collar, and stay safely closed
  • hang to dry
  • dog lead is approx 1.2m long
  • handmade in the UK



Customer Reviews

  • we are very happy with the over all feeling/appearance of it. good stuff!

    Published on 15 Nov 2015 by Mr J