Short Blue Rope Dog Lead loading
  • dog lead steel clip
  • short blue pavement dog lead
  • Short Blue Rope Dog Lead

Short Blue Rope Dog Lead

  • a short, strong and sturdy dog lead ideal for pavement walks or those who require close control in high traffic areas
  • tied with traditional knots: an Angler's Loop at the clip end (a secure knot used by fisherman, which will simply tighten if your dog pulls) and a Figure of Eight Loop at the handle (used by climbers)
  • with a specially designed clip that very quickly and simply - with a single action - attaches to the D ring on a dog collar and stays firmly closed
  • clip is precision cut from marine-grade stainless steel
  • the rope we use chew-proof 8mm ply yacht rope - soft to the touch and comfortable to handle
  • rope ends trimmed with matching leather
  • the clip has a 825kg minimum breaking load and the rope itself can take 1,100kg
  • suitable for everyday use: just hang to dry when wet
  • full dog lead length is 2 foot, from tip of handle to end of clip - or 24 inches, just over 60cm
  • UK VAT and P&P included