• comfy harness for a terrier
  • harness for a black lab
  • comfy harness for a boxer


A functional durable harness designed to give you good control and support your dog in the right places. Suitable for a wide range of dogs including most Terriers including Jack Russells, Corgis, Boxers, Sighthounds and Labradors.

Hindquarters harnesses are made from comfy cotton that's soft-to-the-touch but strong, durable and washable. The metalwork is cast from marine-grade stainless steel: lightweight, strong and corrosion proof (so even suitable for trips to the beach). Not just soft, cotton webbing is also flexible and so allows your dog to move freely without chaffing. It also has 'give' which - alongside the design - enables pressure or the shock of any sharp pulls to be absorbed evenly.

Simple to use: see how to put a Hindquarters harnesses on. And just machine wash when mucky.

Adjustable at 5 points for a perfect fit around the lower neck, chest and girth and available in 3 sizes and a range of colours (black, grey, green, khaki, blue, purple and red):

  • SIZE S: fits a girth 36cm-46cm (14-18 inches) and lower neck between 26-36cm (10-14 inches) good for a JRT or other Terrier (also available in navy, colbalt or orange)
  • SIZE S/M: fits a girth 40cm-65cm (16-25 inches) and lower neck between 30-45cm (10-18 inches) good for a Corgi or Spaniel
  • SIZE M/L: fits a girth between 65-90cm (25-35 inches) and lower neck between 40-60cm (16-13 inches) good for a Lab or large chested dog

Please let us know your dog's measurements by email and which size and colour you'd like. We hold some colours and sizes in stock - but usually make harnesses to order which takes 3-5 days. Here is how to measure your dog for a Hindquarters harness.



Customer Reviews

  • Use every day and love it! Fits me really well and it's really sturdy and well made!

    Published on 21 Jan 2018 by Mr M and B

  • Absolutely love it: especially the fact it is easily washed, and adjustable on several spots because he has an odd shape

    Published on 21 Jan 2018 by Ms F

  • We love the harness and she doesn't go out without it! It's standing up well to constant use, we're always getting compliments.

    Published on 21 Jan 2018 by Mrs J