Leather Dog Collars

Hindquarters soft leather dog collars are handmade with a selection of thick rich leathers to a simple uncomplicated design for a classic look.

Each leather dog collar is hand-crafted: skins are chosen for their softness, texture, flexibility and thickness, and then cut to size. The metalwork is either double stitched into place or fixed with rivets. Finally, the edges of each dog collar are individually bevelled and burnished for extra comfort.

These leather dog collars don't just look smart and stylish, they are durable too. No upkeep is required: natural oils from your dog's coat will keep the leather supple and conditioned for you both to enjoy for years to come. Our specially designed buckles and D rings are made from light-weight but high-strength rust-proof steel. Just dry flat after a swim or if caught in a very heavy downpour.

Our XS leather dog collars are a smart option for Mini Dachshunds or other little dogs with big characters. Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniels, Corgis, most Terriers, small Labradoodles and Mini Schnauzers will enjoy our soft but strong small leather dog collars. Medium size leather collars work well for Dalmatians, small Staffies and Vizlas - and most Labradors and other Retrievers, German Shepherds, English Setters and larger dogs will fit the large leather dog collar size.