Small Cotton Corduroy Dog Beds

Our Small dog beds are oval shaped and measure 77cm long by 60cm wide (the central dog bed cushion is 55cm by 38cm). This size dog bed is good for small dogs including Borders and other small Terriers, Jack Russells, Corgis, mini Schnauzers and Cockapoos.

Created with comfort, durability and ease-of-care in mind: removable dog bed covers are made from natural fabrics and machine washable, the inner dog bed is soft and comfy, but hardwearing.

Hindquarters corduroy dog beds are made from heavy weight (345 gsm) cotton cord in a range of colours: red, green and silver/grey. We use 8 wale cord which gives a chunky ridge that is both cosy and easy to keep clean. Machine wash at 40.