Comfy Dog Beds

Dogs like their own spot to settle down and snooze the day away. And we like things to be minimum fuss and able to withstand a bit of rough and tumble. So Hindquarters dog beds are designed to be not just super comfy, but easy to look after, and durable too:

  • an oval shaped dog bed with a bolster allows your dog to curl up cosily or fully stretch out supported
  • the inner dog bed is made from a sportswear material that is tear proof, waterproof and breathable, and the hypoallergenic stuffing has unmatched cushioning and insulation properties
  • for the best sleep surface, removable dog bed covers are made from natural fabrics that are soft and machine washable

Read more about how Hindquarters dog beds are made. Small dog beds suit Dachshunds and most Terriers, Medium size dog beds are good for Labradors and similarly sized. Large dog beds are for big dogs and those who like to share.