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Chrysanthemum Dog Bed

  • a soft semi-structured dog bed with loose removable cover good for Labs and similar sized dogs
  • an oval dog bed with a bolster supports all a dog's sleeping positions, allowing them to curl up cosily or fully stretch out comfortably
  • the low bolster acts as a head rest, supports the back and spine when necessary, and helps exclude floor draughts
  • inner dog bed: a central cushion and surrounding bolster are covered in a technical sportswear fabric: soft but tough, waterproof and breathable
  • inner dog bed: just hoover or wipe clean, and inner cushions can be machine washed if necessary
  • stuffed with virgin polyester fibres that don't hold moisture or bacteria and so help keep things fresh, healthy and odour free
  • with unmatched cushioning and insulation properties: stuffing fibres have a high crimp level and so maintain their bounce for longer
  • removable dog bed cover is made from thick 100% cotton fabric - a floral print called Chrysanthemum by William Morris - and machine wash at 40
  • hand stuffed and sewn in the UK with a free repair or replace guarantee for any rips, tears or seam splits
  • UK VAT and P&P included (20% VAT deducted at checkout for non-EU customers)
  • read more about how Hindquarters dog beds are made
  • easy to maintain: everything is washable and with minimum fuss this dog bed should last a lifetime
  • this dog bed is only available in Medium dog bed size: 110x77cm